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Feel free.

Also, feel free to check out my gallery. Constructive criticism is most appreciated, so don't hesitate to ramble on and on about the many ways one of my pictures might be wrong ;) Its the only way I ever learn :la:


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As of recently I am no longer accepting Point Commissions.

As for this Donation Pool???
I will keep this open for anyone who wants to give points. Then, every time I reach a significant amount of points, I'll start a contest.

Yeah, thats about it, donate if you like, but PCs are CLOSED :meow:

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FritzyBeat's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
FritzyBeat (AKA "Mobi / Mobs") Is an artist, musician, and writer from the great white north of Canada eh? *shot*

My interests include cartooning, storyboarding, writing stories and lyrics, composing music, singing, voice acting, playing sports, and saying "*shot*" excessively :3

Feel free to take a look through my DA Gallery and scraps folder, or shoot me a comment or PM maybe. I'm always wiling to chat it up with anybody, so please don't hesitate to send a message my way :la:

My absolute best friend in the whole world:

Some of my closest friends and biggest inspirations:


:bulletyellow:Art Trades - Ask About Them :meow:
:bulletred:Requests - Closed (though they sometimes open at random)
:bulletgreen:Collabs - Open!
:bulletred:Point Commissions - Closed For Gooooood~
:bulletgreen:PayPal Commissions - Open! (PM me ;))


- If you would like to do a music collab or anything similar, please note me, or contact me on my youtube channel and I would be glad to participate! :la:
Hello Prospectors!

What's this? Two journals in one day?! What do you think this is Fritzy, 2012????
I figured that since I was answering questions anyway, I might as well answer DeviantART's ;P (does anyone else remember when everyone spelt it "DeviantART" instead of "DeviantArt"?). Plus, I was getting all feelz-y from all the people who mentioned me in theirs', and I wanted to do the same X3 So here is my questionnaire thing.


(lalalalalala BIG TEXT!)

---------- 1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? ----------

I first joined DeviantART back on April 4th, 2011. It was my first time involving myself with any kind of online community, and man did I not know what to expect. I'd only joined cause that year in school I'd met :iconalexsammyhedgehog:, who was the first real Sonic fan I'd run into (and here I thought I was alone in the world in my love of Sonic stuff XD). She showed me the website since she was posting her art there, and soon enough, I was on DA too =)
(I also met :iconchefsbrian: around the same time too, so those two were kind of my original DA buddies X3

---------- 2. What does your username mean? ----------

My ORIGINAL username "TheMobian" was just the result of the name I REALLY wanted (Phatfox, my old username for email and games and stuff) being taken. I picked it cause Mobians were the people of Sonic's world, but, as with all my online names, the meaning behind it didn't come until after I picked it.
A Mobian is one who lives on Planet Mobius, and for those unfamiliar with the Mobius Strip, it's basically a shape without an end. It just goes on forever. So I figured at that time, my potential really had no limit, so it became kind of symbolic.

My second username, "FritzyBeat", was also decided on the spur of the moment. I picked it because "Fritz" was the name of my first real Sonic OC back in 2008, and "Beat" is.... well... a music thing *shot* And like TheMobian, shortly after deciding on the name I came up with something more meaningful X3
When something is "On the fritz" it tends to mean that something is broken, or at least very irregular, or not working properly, so I made up the word "Fritzy" to describe something that was on the fritz (surprisingly Fritzy isn't a real word, I just made it up =P So yeah, creativity for the win). So when putting "Fritzy" and "Beat" together, it went to describe how since I am always working in different musical styles, my beats would always be on the fritz ;3

---------- 3. Describe yourself in three words. ----------

Very very happy. X3

---------- 4. Are you left or right handed? ----------

Right handed, though due to hockey shenanigans I can be ambidextrous for certain things.

---------- 5. What was your first deviation? ----------

this monstrosity:
Knuckles vs Rouge Pencils by FritzyBeat
I made this back in 2011. I was still really early into learning how to draw back then, so there were a lot of terrifying pictures I posted here back in the day XD Though it is interesting to see how far I've come since then.

---------- 6. What is your favourite type of art to create? ----------

Cartoons, preferably with just pencil as opposed to inking and colouring. I've never been all that good at either of those things XP

Aesthetically though, I really REALLY love stuff with a lot of expression. Big exaggerated reactions and over the top facial expressions are where I feel most at home. Especially with an added level of cuteness. I've also been a big fan of the more calm and peaceful artworks. Though my style doesn't lend itself to that very well, so I don't draw it as much myself as I do look at it.

---------- 7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? ----------

Actually, I think I prefer my style. I'd love to master that someday *shot ded* I also can't really say :iconjongraywb:'s style because let's face it, my art is pretty obviously already heavily inspired by his style *bricked* (Best artist is best artist after all)
Uncle Scrooge #2 (#406) Cover: 'Shiver Me Timbers' by jongraywb

So, as far as a BRAND NEW style goes though? I'd probably have to say Hitoshi Ariga :iconhitoshiariga:'s style. Particularly in the Megaman Megamix manga. that stuff was absolutely incredible~…

---------- 8. What was your first favourite? ----------

Apparently this:
Soundtrack :PC: by AlexSammyHedgehog
Which makes sense, considering AlexSammy was the one who introduced me to this site in the first place X3

---------- 9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? ----------

Art by my friends *shot * But like I mentioned above, I really like the more calming pieces. Maybe with an element of abstractness to them. Though I still favorite a lot of the cartoony stuff, cause it'll always be my favourite X3

---------- 10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? ----------

Excluding professionals like ::iconjongraywb: and :iconbenbates: because for realz. *shot* I'd have to say my favorite Deviantartists are probably my good friends :iconhuntertallonian: :iconmtfoxx3: and :iconakafoxtail:
I still fall in love with their work constantly X3

---------- 11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? ----------

I've already met Starzy :iconaquatic-angel:, so lets say the three people mentioned above, :iconhuntertallonian: :iconmtfoxx3: :iconakafoxtail:, plus two more friends of mine :iconanticularpony: and :iconlewanut:
And then just about anyone and everyone *shot*

---------- 12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? ----------

Man, I'd say many of them have impacted my life, but none more-so than Starzy :iconaquatic-angel:. She's always my favorite person to talk to about absolutely everything, whether happy stuff, or sad stuff, or so on. and I always enjoy hanging out with her on Skype, or wherever ^_^

---------- 13. What are your preferred tools to create art? ----------

Pencil, paper, and my braaaaains @_@

---------- 14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? ----------

Anywhere away from my computer =P

---------- 15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? ----------

Probably meeting Starzy XP *shot* But I also have many fond memories of those old DA Chatroom chats I used to do with my friends and watchers X3 Those were always fun <3


Had to think about a lot of these questions, so hopefully someone finds them interesting X3

Chao y'all!


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